Our Services

From billboards and posters to road gantries, buildings and LEDs… We have it all! In addition, as part of our network expansion strategy to reach a niche target audience, OMG provides premium advertising spaces, uniquely positioned, inside malls, universities, etc…, to offer customers lucrative and effective campaigns.

We listen to clients’ needs and business challenges and help them realize their business objectives.

Focusing on high standards, we also provide keep-up services such as cleaning and maintenance which contribute to each location’s appeal every day.

Static billboards are popular because they offer 24/7 exposure of an ad. Usually seen on major highways and streets, they provide high impact and reach large numbers of consumers who pass by billboards daily.

Unipoles | Minipoles | Rooftops | Wall signs

Static Billboards

LEDs are the clever, current and dynamic way to get your message through, on digital billboards. They offer near-TV quality, color and resolution, which in turn guarantees you will gain the attention of consumers.

Gantry billboards showcase your message prominently. A billboard is fixed to an overhead structure, usually spanning a road. It is a double-sided structure, therefore offers you as an advertiser the option of advertising to either side of the traffic.


People trust print! Printing offers a lasting impression on potential clients and is the tried-and-true method for establishing and reinforcing your company’s brand. The reason is simple – printed materials stay in front of your customers for longer periods of time.