Established in 2003 in Lebanon, OMG has grown exponentially, expanding its operations to encompass the GCC and African countries. As a result of its unwavering commitment to excellence, OMG has established itself as a leader in the markets it serves and currently operates in 6 countries, with further expansion planned by the end of 2023.

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Creating the future of media

At OMG Group, we keep transforming and improving our estate to the benefit of all our stakeholders through digital innovations and infrastructures that are environmentally and socially conscious, keeping the well-being of the public in mind.


Creating a platform for brands & a platform for good!

We are delivering advertisers’ media objectives whilst having a positive impact on the world around us, responsibly, whilst having a positive impact on the world around us.


Corporate social responsibility and commitments

OMG has been committed to various sustainability initiatives, capitalizing on green energy whenever possible, everywhere we operate, for limited impact on environment and positive impact on the communities.

We also make it a principle to orient our activities to comply with all basics of human rights, labour, anti-corruption and wellbeing.


Mastering Outdoor Engagement & Social Impact

Our team excels in captivating audiences with diverse outdoor advertising products. These are meticulously designed for maximum visual impact. Beyond business, we also prioritize contributions to local welfare and the social environment.