Outdoor Media Group (O.M.G) is one of Lebanon's most innovative outdoor advertising companies, with extensive network coverage in its respective markets. O.M.G was established in 2003, in Lebanon, and extended its operations to Sudan, Yemen, and lately to KSA. Today, while maintaining our leading position among the markets we are operating in , O.M.G will continue to expand its business into the regional media arena, aiming at potential ventures which will improve our coverage map

O.M.G influences audiences through a variety of outdoor advertising products designed especially to create the most visual awareness possible. Led Screens, Billboards, unipoles, banners, muppies, wallscapes and rooftops are just some of those products. With the combination of traditional and new media, O.M.G offers a wide range of media choices that is exceptional , using the required media as to get the advertiser message across in the most efficient way.

The team of experienced professionals at O.M.G, who assert respectable know-how of the outdoor media marketplace, will manage your campaigns from creating artwork and visuals, locating and negotiating rates on media, printing and installing the advertisements, to post-campaign media evaluation. O.M.G specializes in outdoor media, which gives the group the advantage of being at the forefront of the industry's latest trends and developments.

Outdoor media is a simple yet impressive channel to reach people where they live, work and have fun. It is media that is all over the place, and your message is reaching consumers all the time, everywhere and everyday. Outdoor advertising is all O.M.G does, and having said that, you can be assured that you have come to the right place.

OMG has developed and maintained good relations with local authorities and land owners. This close collaboration ensures that the most appropriate product is selected to fit and enhance the environment .Build to the highest quality standards, along with regular maintenance , we guarantee our products are kept in ultimate condition, and complimenting the environment we operate in.